Second annual FNHCT Trust conference, 24 October 2015

This year’s second FNHCT/NHCT day conference was a great success, as was its predecessor, both contributing to the Trust’s educational objectives and making a profit for funds – as well as providing much information and enjoyment for participants.   The King’s Centre proved a very comfortable venue, and provided an excellent lunch too.

the conference in progress
The conference in progress at the King’s Centre

The papers this year were split between those focusing on the reuse of historic churches (in the past as well as today) and the more historical ones, such as Francis Young on the Roman Catholic chapels of Norwich (I never knew that the Willow Lane chapel was a Jesuit one). Local publisher the Lasse Press is hoping to publish two volumes in 2016, containing this year’s papers and selected papers (we’re not being discriminatory, but some contributors last year didn’t provide written papers) from last year: one volume on reuse, and one on historic issues.  Email them on if you would like to be sent details when they are available.

We are already planning for another conference next year, which will be held on Saturday 22 October 2016.  We’d be glad to receive feedback from past participants about anything we can improve on next time: one suggestion already is to offer a reduced rate for FNHCT members.

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